Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Isn't She Lovely

I wrote a lot on this blog about our journey with Logan. I don't want to forget an important piece of our lives- the long awaited arrival of our beloved Lily Faye.

When Logan turned one years old, I started thinking about adding a baby to our small family. My husband and I discussed it, and decided it would be better to wait. He is an only child, and thought that's what he wanted for Logan. I knew that wasn't the path God wanted us to take, and I began to pray. I asked for wisdom, guidance, and clarity- and for God to change my Hubby's heart :)

Then, when Logan was 2, we decided to "not take precaution" and see what happens. Well, after waiting what felt like a lifetime (only six months) we fell pregnant. We were over the moon, and couldn't stop planning and preparing for our new little bundle of joy.

When we found out Logan was going to have a little sister, we were so excited! God knew what He was doing all along, and gave us the perfect addition to our family. A sister for Logan, and a daughter for us.

Now, I'm the Mommy of a Prince and Princess.

Lily is six months old, and it's gone by so fast.

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