Thursday, September 17, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

Well friends, I wanted to write about one of my favorite subjects: FASHION. Not for me of course, I look like the before picture on the show "What Not to Wear", but fashion for my kiddos. 

When Logan was a baby (0-12 months), I loved to dress him in Carters, Baby Gap and Gymboree. As a toddler (1-3) he wore mostly Gymboree. But now, I like to dress him in clothes from JC Penny's. They are one of the few stores that offer "slim" sizes, and for those of you that know my son, knows he still wears 24 months shorts (in fact he's wearing some now and they're literally falling off as I type this).

For Lily, I love Carters and Gymboree. Gymbroee is my number one favorite, BUT she has some dresses from Carters that I love. Lily usually wears dresses, because they're easy to throw on, and really cute. 

One of my favorite things to dress this kids in is PJs (we call 'em jammers). I love to bathe them, put lotion/oil- organic, essential oils only, of course, but that's a different post- on them and put some cute jammers on. I get those anywhere and everywhere, from Walmart, Target, Outlets and- of course- Gymboree.

As a child I always dreamed about being a Mom. I played with dolls all through adolescence, and even in high school. I loved to dress them up, and pretend that they were real. Now, I get to dress up my real babies... and I love every minute of it.


  1. I secretly am very excited about this part of having our Little Mister :) Those clothes are just so darn cute on them!

  2. I love to dress them up! It's so much fun :)