Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gluten Free is easy... so far :)

Well, on Tuesday I decided to change Logan's diet- and at the time I planned on giving him all whole foods. BUT- he's actually been eating gluten free, and it's gone really well so far!

We haven't had any adverse withdraws and we haven't had a problem finding things for him to eat. He hasn't asked for anything with gluten, and I think that he's adjusting.

I've really enjoyed trying the different gluten free foods, and I even started an information hub page for other Moms going through the same thing:

Check it out if you're thinking of trying the GF diet!

HOWEVER, we're going to a birthday party this weekend, and I'm very concerned. Luckily Logan isn't into food too much, but they're serving pizza and that's one of Logan's favorites! I do have gluten free pizza crusts, and I'm planning on making him one to eat at the party- but I'm nervous! Hopefully he won't have a problem... I'll keep you posted.


  1. Is mommy and daddy joining Logan in this gluten free diet?

  2. I made pizza dough gf today and Riaan loved it. It was also super fast, I was able to make extra and freeze it for future lunch's.