Saturday, September 12, 2009

He's going to school

Well, Thursday was Logan's third and final evaluation with the FDLRS (fiddlers) program. We went to another elementary school-about 35 minutes from our house-that has a therapeutic preschool class and he was accepted into the program. Right now, there are only two other boys in the program, two teachers, and one speech therapist. I'm really excited about getting started, and seeing how Logan progresses. 
I spoke up the psychologist, again, about my concerns about Logan's odd behavior. He told me that Logan has OCD, and gave me some tips on how to deal with them:

First, regarding his fixation with the phone, the psychologist suggested giving him a specific 15 minute time to play with the phone. I decided to give him 3 15 minute "sessions" then, eventually he'll get only 1 15 minute "session" with it.

Second, he suggested making a picture schedule, so Logan can feel more comfortable and in control. Logan has trouble with transitions, and will become very anxious if he is not sure what's coming next. (EXAMPLE: when the kids were lining up to go to P.E., Logan FREAKED out, and threw a "tantrum".  He LOVES playing outside-so that wasn't the problem-he was just upset because he was unsure about what was coming up next.) The psychologist told me to take actual pictures of Logan doing a task, and then velcro them to a poster board, and putting on the refrigerator. So, in the morning it will be: eating breakfast, brushing teeth, playing, having a snack, etc. I also need to explain everything I'm going to do (i.e. "Logan, I'm going to turn the dishwasher on." "Logan, I'm going to run the vacuum cleaner now" etc.). When we having
 something special planned, I need to prep him. Say we were going to the zoo, I'd need to talk to him about it, and have it on the schedule. If something were to come up, and plans were to
 change, he suggested having a ZZ (for zig zag) card to cover the picture. For example, the day we were supposed to go to the zoo it started to rain. I say "Sometimes life has zig zags" and then cover the zoo picture with the ZZ.

He also gave me the "Low and Slow" technique. When Logan is having an episode, or tantrum, I need to get down on one knee-to his eye level, and talk in a low/slow voice (i.e. when Logan was upset about going outside: get down to his level and say "Logan, we're going to play outside-pause for 15-20 seconds- It's going to be fun-pause-We're going to kick the ball-pause- You'll love it.).

It's going to be very difficult, but I'm willing to take on the challenge! In fact, I'm going to finish his schedule this weekend. OH! I also have to start preparing him for school, and the school bus! His first day is in 2-3 weeks (it takes some time to process the paper work, etc). 


  1. Congrats! I'm really happy for Logan and I am sure that he'll do really well!

  2. I'm so excited you found a great place for school. All the suggestions sound great, and what is even better is how willing and open you are to all of it :) What a lucky guy Logan is to have you for a mom!

  3. I worked with a 5 year old who had trouble with transitions, and we used a picture schedule and also a Time Timer clock. I highly suggest you order one for home and ask if the school has them! It's a great visual for helping to understand when things are going to happen and how long until the next change. =) You are such a dedicated mom, Logan (and Lily!) are lucky kids!