Thursday, January 7, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes (or Four Year Old) Updated Version

**UPDATE** Now that I have a little more time, I'm going to explain (and add to) some of Logan's... comments from this post.

Lily's sucking Mommy's penis- One day I was wearing a shirt that was "bumpy", and because Logan has a sensory issue he kept petting me. All. Day. Long. He was rubbing and rubbing and rubbing my boob! So, I said (over and over and over) "Logan, please stop touching Mommy." "Logan, please don't touch Mommy." So, finally, I said (in a firm loving manner) "Logan, that's private, please stop touching me."

A couple hours later he saw me nursing and said "Lily's sucking Mommy's penis" because I always tell him "Your penis is private, it's only for you" (partially cause I'm petrified of pedophiles."


Me: Are you a boy or a girl? Logan: BOY! Me: Why? (he couldn't answer) Because you have a penis. Logan: Does Daddy have a penis? Me: Yes, he's a boy. Logan: Does Lily have a penis? Me: No, honey she's a girl. Logan: That's right, Lily has a butt.

Grammie, you have a diaper on!- My Mother-in-Law has back issues, and was wearing a back brace! Priceless :)

I can't want to!

I can't want it!

(Holding a tampon) Is this for your butt?

Don't stick the toilet paper inside me!

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