Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Little More About ME.

Some things you may not know about me:
  1. I always heat stuff up in the microwave for 17 seconds.
  2. I use the phrase "like I said" a little too much.
  3. I keep a very clean house- but a very messy car.
  4. I'm paranoid that someone is always listening in on my phone calls. In fact when I'm talking on the phone I'll say "If someone's listening that was a joke..."
  5. I am the TOTAL opposite of a pack rat. Because I don't hold (much) value to worldly things I often give things to others. I call it "the ultimate recycle".
  6. I spend lots of money on my kids clothes- and virtually none on myself. I'm working on that this coming year.
  7. I have a slight addiction to kids pajamas.
  8. I often start projects and never finish them- that's another goal for 2010.
  9. I love the beach, but hate the sand.
  10. I took 3 years of Spanish and can probably on say two phrases.
  11. I'm a God fearing, baby wearing, organic eating, whole food baking, no spanking, kind word speaking, "big word" explaining, anti- chemical using, self proclaimed "hippy-go-free-free" kind of Mom.
  12. YET, I'm pro vaccination (Sorry R), non co-sleeping, diet coke drinking, (sometimes) bleach using, saved by Grace kind of Mom too.
  13. I'm working on being more environmentally contentious- another 2010 goal.
  14. I love being married to an only child. I'm the daughter my in laws never had :)
  15. I NEVER watch scary movies... not even the commercials.
Well there you have it! Until next time- HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! May God continue to bless you this year. Remember, each day is a gift.

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