Tuesday, December 8, 2009

and the Second One gets that shaft.

Lily is such an awesome baby- for the most part. She has her moments (and her days) that make me wonder "we planned this one, right?".

But all-in-all she's a great young lady, and the perfect second child. She rolls with the punches (sometimes literally) and goes with the flow. But while I was feeding her a nutritious breakfast of graham crackers and organic puffs, I got to thinking...

With my first I did everything "by the book":

  • He ate only jarred foods (which, at the time, I thought was best)
  • He was on a very strict sleeping and eating schedule
  • His bed sheets were changed EVERYDAY (a little OCD on my part I know)
  • He played with the safest, most up to date toys (although he would have been happy with a twig- or a phone... go figure)
  • He was changed often, always had his face wiped, and his clothes never had a stain or mark on them. If they did, his clothes were promptly changed, and the stain treated.
  • He was only exposed to Baby Einstein on DVD
Not to mention I:
  • Cleaned the whole house- top to bottom everyday
  • Did laundry everyday
  • Exposed Logan to friends, play dates, and "outings" often
  • Wiped down his toys with Clorox wipes, and made sure if his cup hit the floor it would be properly washed (I always had a back up)
  • Wiped the cart, restaurant high chairs, and tables. If his hand so much as grazed any of those things- it was wiped too
  • My diaper bag was sufficiently packed with everything I might need- and I had a back up in my car
With my second child, most of that junk went out the window. I don't have a rigid schedule, my house is nowhere near that clean- seriously- her sheets get changed once every week (or two- hanging my head in shame), I rarely bring a diaper bag let alone a well stocked one, I forget to bring food with me so we resort to pancakes (something I NEVER would have given Logan before his first birthday), she's never ridden in a grocery cart, I always "wear" her, I can't remember the last time I wiped her toys, she's never had an official "play date", and she watches Nick Jr.

Please don't call CPS on me- I'll put a Baby Einstein on today.

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