Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa Disclaimer

I want to be totally and completely open and honest on my blog. My husband and I decided (before we had children) that we wouldn't "do Santa". That has sometimes been hard for me the past few years. There are days I'm not sure, and there are days where I know we're making the right decision.

He does watch Christmas movies, and he knows who Santa is- but as far as he's concerned Santa is like Mickey Mouse. Make believe. All the gifts come from us and we don't set out cookies and we don't "ask Santa" for anything. He's just a character on TV and in books.

Some family and friends have called us "The Grinches". Some have expressed to us that we are steeling some magical childhood moment from our kids- and others have completely supported it.

Don't get me wrong, as a child I have very fond memories of coming down stairs and feeling the magic and wonder that Santa knew what I wanted. Having the feeling that he knew me. In fact, I never had that "you lied to me" or "you betrayed me" feeling when I figured out the truth. I didn't care who I was getting the presents from- as long as I was getting presents.

It's actually because of that, that solidified our decision. I want my son and daughter's Christmas to be focused on Christ. I don't want to conform to what the world says is "normal". Because I'm not normal.

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