Monday, August 16, 2010

Strangers in the Rain

One dark and stormy night (okay, it wasn't dark- but it WAS raining!) I was driving my very young toddler down the slippery street. It had just started raining and I was on my way home from a VERY long day. My husband had been sent to the emergency room from work, and my eighteen month old was staying with my Mom. Once he got the all clear to leave (he was fine, just a REALLY bad case of indigestion), he drove home while I picked up Logan.

I was going about 65 miles an hour on a busy street- I was rushing cause I was exhausted and so ready to be home. Before I knew it, my car was spinning and totally out of control. After what seemed like hours, I stalled to a stop on the side of the VERY busy road and I climbed out of my car. We weren't hurt, but I had no idea what happened. I did a "check of the lights" on my dash, but everything seemed fine.

So, I got out of my car to see if everything was okay. What was once a tire was shredded all over the road. There was nothing on my rim. Nothing.

I didn't know what to do, so I pulled Logan out of the car, put him in an umbrella stroller (in the rain remember) because I was more concerned that someone would ram into us going, well, 65 miles an hour.

You see, it was rush hour, on a busy street, with NO side walk, no bike lane, nothing.

After I get Logan safely buckled in, I call my husband. Who calls his Mom. Who calls her husband. They're all AT LEAST 45 minutes away from me, and I'm standing in the pouring rain with a toddler on a busy street. Of course we call AAA but what I really wanted was a dry place to put my baby (and myself, but of course, him first).

All of sudden a big white beat up truck pulls up behind me. A tall dark middle aged man came running towards me.

At that moment I said a silent prayer, and looked around me. The cars came rushing by like I was a nobody, and my only witnesses were the 30 goats in the field next to me.

By the time he got to me, he was screaming "open your trunk" over the roar of the rain.

I had to think fast, because surely this would be the time and place that I would die. I pushed Logan's stroller as close to the goats as possible and asked God to please let a family member find him if I nor the car were no longer here. I gripped my keys between my fingers and I held my cell phone as tight as I possibly could. I thought if he threw me in the car I could at least call 911, or I could do that thing I saw on Oprah one time and kick out the tail light. I just hoped that he didn't knock me out first.

I did what he said out of fear. He worked fast. He moved all my "mom gear" from the trunk to the back seat. And then he did the unthinkable.

He lifted the carpet and used this crazy looking square tool and started spinning it. Then from underneath the car popped out my spare tire.

There he was, in the pouring rain, changing my tire. A stranger's tire. Just then my husband calls me.

I answer the phone. He asks my a barage of questions, none of which I can remember now. All I remember asking him is "what should I do?" He told me, "Give him all the cash you have. Everything in your wallet."

It took the man several minutes to finish, and by the time he had my husband was less than a mile away.

I pulled out my wallet and handed him the money.

He wouldn't take it. He just said (and this is not an exact quote cause it's been several years but this is as close as it gets) "My rewards are not of this world. I'm building my treasures in Heaven."

Yes you are.

And let me tell you, that was a defining moment for me. I'll never forget that man and what he did for me that day. I look forward to telling him that in "person" when we're in Glory.

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  1. Do you like running Blog Engine? If I might --perhaps you should consider adding a few videos. I dont mean to disrespect what you've done here; its very good, for sure. But, I think would respond to it more positively if they could add something animated to your thread. Keep it up, but put a little more into it next time.