Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Less is MORE

Alternately titled: Out with old, in with the... well NOTHING hopefully.

We have too much stuff. We live in a beautiful home, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and adequate living space. Our problem, however, is we have too much stuff!!

I am a purger- I always have been, always will be. I do hold on to somethings for sentimental value, but my hard and fast rule is "if it hasn't been used/worn in 6 months (with the exception of seasonal items) it's going to Good Will". My hubby on the other hand has clothes that he wore his senior year of high school... no seriously he does. Which would be totally fine if he wasn't adding to his collection- but he is... and it's craziness.

My mother in law is a self proclaimed "stuff girl". She knows how to place it, stack it, pack it, fit it, and organize it. She's an interior designer and her home is beautiful; it looks like a showroom for a magazine. However, it's not functional for a family of 4 and not functional for a stay at home mom with two small children.

Anyway, in love, she passes down stuff to me. I in the past, have purged the things I don't want- then she says "I see you don't have the [insert purged item here] out anymore. May I have it back?" Me "uh....."

So now, after being questioned several times, I have kept things I'm not using in order to ahem avoid having an awkward conversation. Now I have a garage full of stuff I don't want. FULL.

Today, I'm purging. Out with the old, in with the... well NOTHING.

I'm learning to be content with what I have.


  1. yay that feels so good and clean when it's all done. i love doing this :)

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