Monday, August 16, 2010


It has been an incredible summer for us! Our family truly enjoyed spending the hot summer days (and nights, and mornings, and afternoons) together.

But, now it's time to get back on track and on a schedule... or somewhat of a routine.

One day while Logan was watching a movie, he expressed interest in "joining a team". Excited, I signed him up for the next available sport. Football.

Practices are once a week in the evening, and he has 8am games on Saturday morning- which probably sounds awful for y'all, but here on the surface of the sun it's actually the BEST time for a game, cause it's only 94 degrees outside at that hour.

This is Logan's first exposure to team sports, and all things considered he's done really well. He has a young coach, and he's so patient with Logan- and all the others. We have the smallest team, so the past two games we've "borrowed" a player from the other team ;)

In the beginning of the game, Logan's excited and running; but the end of the game he's chasing dragonflies. He even ran the other direction when he had the ball last week ;)

I just love spending my time watching my kids grow and learn.

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