Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's not just the garage...

I wish I could blame all my, ahem, clutter on my wonderful Mother in law, but the truth is it's a problem we've had since moving here 6 years ago.

I'm an "everything in it's place" girl, and the fact is we just don't have a place for everything. And, I believe, that's because we simply have too much!!

So far, I've gone through each closet and got rid of clothes that don't fit/have a stain/or damaged. I've also gone through the kids toys, and if it was broken it got thrown away. Any unnecessary toy got given to family with little or no toys. Since then, my kids are actually playing better! They enjoy the toys they have, and can find them (imagine that!).

I've filed all paperwork and have a place for unpaid bills- I'm finding it less stressful because I know where everything is!!

By nature, I'm a "piler". I make a pile for everything... I'm working on that! At the end of the day, I have a pile for Lily's stuff, Logan's stuff, unpaid bills, laundry, stuff that needs to go in my car, etc. But, each night I'm taking 15 extra minutes to clear the piles (well, the one's that can be cleared). This makes my mornings easier and less stressful. I think once I find a home for every orphaned item, that task will be easier, too!

For now, I'm enjoying cutting the clutter. It's cathartic!


  1. Your post just gave me an anxiety attack.

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