Friday, October 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday

This is a therapeutic way of admitting I'm not super mom started by the talented MckMama. Check out her blog to find out what others haven't been up to the week..

This week I didn't hide in the laundry room and drink an ice cold coke. And I certainly didn't let out a fake cough when I opened the can to make sure my sweet young boy didn't hear that distinct can pop.

I also would never have washed a load of laundry, for got about it, washed it again, for got AGAIN, and wash it one more time. I would never be too busy to have to wash one load of laundry three times... I mean that's just not sane!

And never would I go outside at dusk with kids to play knowing that's the best time to get eaten alive by mosquitoes. And after that wild evening, I didn't get about 20 mosquito bites. And I completely learned my lesson and did not go outside the next day and get about 15-20 more... and if I did get a million-I mean- a couple bites I am not itching them like crazy. I know the less you itch, the faster they heal.

And lastly, I would never have forgotten about a tiny tiny piece of bread that did not fall out of my car and onto my garage floor. And that said piece of bread was not covered in sugar ants the next day... and I didn't spray those ants with Spot Shot (a carpet cleaner) to blow them away (literally).

Now if you'll excuse me, I don't have some chores to do.


  1. Oh dear! I've done that with ants before in my garage... I'm mean, he hum, I haven't!

    Feel free to stop by my neck of the blogging woods and see what I've "not been" up to.


  2. Hi Jackie! Too funny. Yup, I have done the laundry thing 3x too. lol I also did not hide Reeses Miniature Peanut Butter Cups in a coffee can in the fridge. Nope, Not Me!