Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's the little things


Logan has been in school for (almost) two weeks and I can see REAL changes. Here's what I've noticed so far:

  • He's almost completely potty trained-we've been fighting that battle for 18 months now.
  • He amazes me with the things that comes out his mouth... so much I can't even remember everything! For instance, I told you him to cover his mouth when he coughed, and he said "No, cough in your elbow"!!!!!!!!!!! I still can't believe it!
  • Also, he unbuckled his five point harness, AND buckled the top part!! It's the little things.

He's been doing really well in school, except for a few "throwing sand (or mulch) " incidences :) All things considered, that's pretty good.

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