Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Desperate Housewives of MP

I spend a lot of time talking about my kids on this blog, but today I want to discuss a subject that's close to my heart.

Desperate. Housewives.

Not the show-the actual desperate housewives.

Some days, especially when I'm waiting outside for the bus, I feel like a mom. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely, totally and completely love being a mom. When my son was born I felt I knew what my purpose was, and when Lily was born I felt complete. However, when I'm driving to the bank in my van, with the DVD player down, wearing yesterdays jeans, sporting a ponytail (or braid), and t-shirt (usually with milk or yogurt on it), I feel like a mommy.

Is that it? Cleaning, laundry, grocery store, bank, cooking, playing, etc. This morning when Logan was getting ready for school, I felt like a short order cook and waitress. Juice, breastfeed, banana, yogurt, more juice, yogurt, napkin, yogurt, wipe face, yogurt.... Between the two kids, I was exhausted by 7am!

And as I walked outside with unkempt hair, capri pants (that are one size too big) and an old maternity shirt, I thought to myself "I look like a Mom."

I'm not satisfied with the way I look- AT ALL. In fact, I have levels of sweat pants (sad, I know). There's bleach stained (cleaning sweat pants), around the house house, and dressy.


SO, I've concluded that I am going to spend a little more time on myself. I plan on working out (to feel better and lose weight), getting a stylish hair cut (and actually doing it) and getting some new clothes. While I'm not at a weight I'm completly satisfied with, I need to get a couple outfits I can wear now that fit and make me feel better about myself.

I think spending a little time on myself will make me a better Mom.


  1. You are SO right! Spending time on yourself will make you a better mom. I know that it's hard to do. I am a mom of 4 boys and there are some days where I don't have time to shower! My husband and I have been talking about this lately, how I need to take more time to take care of myself. I so know where you are coming from and I SO support you in spending more time on yourself! And I would be happy to help you do it! I wanted to share with fellow MckMama readers a new blog that I have created. I'm going to be doing some great giveaways in the near future, so if you go to my blog and follow it, you can be part of the fun! Thanks so much!!


    PS: If you go to my Mary Kay website, you can do a virtual make-over! I did it and it's SO fun!!

  2. Jackie, I am loving reading your blog. I wish I lived closer to you!! You are such a great MoMMy, and I hope that you find the time to get away and do something for YOU!