Monday, November 16, 2009

Logan's One Month Evaluation

**I couldn't get pictures to upload- check back for photos**

On Friday we had Logan's one month Therapeutic Pre School Evaluation.

Every month the psychiatrist makes a home visit to discuss Logan's progress. This was our first evaluation- and I was eager to hear how he's been doing in school.

She said he's been doing really well riding the bus, following directions, and not being anxious. I was pleasantly surprised! She said he hasn't demonstrated anxiety characteristics in a while- and I was thrilled!!

She also mentioned that she and him have a special bond, and he lights up when he sees her. She said she loved working with him, and looks forward to watching him grow.

She said the areas he needs to work on are:

  • Touching/throwing sand. This is one of his (many) sensory issues. He likes to feel the sand running through his fingers. She said he gets so fixated that they (his teachers) have to make it "off limits" some days.
  • Touching other people. Logan will "pet" other people to feel their clothes, or body. The other kids don't like it- so he needs to work on keeping his hands to himsef.
  • Pooping on the potty.
  • Talking about the phone.
  • Doing "The Claw" (he claws his hand at inappropriate times)
She gave me some more social stories* to read to him every night on:
  • Eating too fast (I know, I was shocked too!)
  • Chewing with your mouth closed
  • Not interrupting
  • Completing a request
  • Getting the attention of others
  • Hearing "No"
  • Making a request
  • Using a napkin (he uses his shirt-hehehehe)
  • Showing affection
  • Shutting the bathroom door
*A social story is a short story that gives children simple explanations to everyday tasks. Example: Little boys go to school./Little boys ride on the bus to school./Little boys stay seated on the bus./Little boys get off the bus./Little boys line up for class./Little boys go to school./Logan's going to school.

I know this seems trivial, but she used the term "next year". I guess he won't be graduating to "regular" preschool next year. Oh well, maybe kindergarten.

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